School Performance

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After our external audit which took place in the Autumn term of 2014/2015, we received the below feedback, which we were very proud of.

  • 'Pupils’ behaviour was outstanding and relationships excellent'
  • 'Pupils say they feel safe in school'
  • 'Older pupils are kind and considerate towards younger ones'
  • 'Boys and girls work and play together well, from Reception onwards, whatever their background'
  • 'Pupils show strong moral and social understanding'
  • 'Teachers are skilful in engaging pupils’ interest so that they concentrate well and work hard'
  • 'Pupils work hard in class and take a pride in their work'
  • 'Lessons are orderly and behaviour is managed well'
  • 'Pupils treat each other and adults with respect'

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At Little Harrowden Primary School we continue to work hard with the children in order to make progress year on year.  All of the steps the children make lead up to their progress in Year 6. From building up phonics knowledge, decoding texts and increasing confidence in comprehension, all provides those basis skills to support the children as they move through the school. As a school we are pleased that these academic skills along with positive wellbeing and mental health support ensure our children are supported to achieve their potential.