What if my child needs extra help with their learning?

We recognise the broad spectrum of children's abilities and aim to give every child the opportunity to achieve their potential in learning. Sometimes, in order for a child to achieve this, they need additional support. We are committed to providing a high standard of provision and support for children with special educational needs. Our school policy ensures that individual needs are identified as early as possible, appropriate learning programmes (Individual Education Plans) are devised and implemented, and reviewed regularly. Further advice and more specialist input is sought from external support agencies when the need arises.

The Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) is designated with the responsibility of overseeing special needs provision within the school. In addition, there is a designated governor responsible for special educational needs. The SENCO works in accordance with the national Code of Practice for SEN, and helps to ensure that all children receive the right level of support. An important part of their role is to ensure that parents are kept well informed about the level of support their child needs and receives at Little Harrowden Primary School.

From identification to support:

A concern is expressed about a pupil's progress by a parent or teacher. If the teacher makes this referral, parents will be informed of the teacher's concern via a letter.

The class teacher implements additional support with specific targets and actions recorded on an Individual Education Plan (IEP). Parents', and where appropriate, the pupil's opinions are sought. This stage is known as 'School Action'.

If further support is required, the class teacher seeks advice from the SENCO. Targets and specific programmes of work continue and the pupil's needs may be met through small group or individual work under the supervision of a Teaching Assistant.

If the school feels that a child would benefit from the involvement of specialist external support, then advice is sought from Children and Young People's Service. This organisation supports school in providing specific programmes and recommendations for individual pupils and their needs. This stage is known as 'School Action Plus'.

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