In order to improve health and well-being of children nationally, the Government created a Sports Premium Grant.  

Schools are able to determine how this money is spent and are accountable for the impact of the expenditure. Having researched how best to spend this money to ensure it has a long-lasting impact, we have decided to invest in the professional development of teachers at our school so they are best equipped to teach high quality Physical Education and school sport for years to come through the use of Pacesetters.

Spending the Pupil Premium Grant

At Little Harrowden Primary School allocation of the Sports Premium is carried out through a wide range of initiatives, projects and strategies. Provision is typically made through:

  • All teachers and support staff having access to high quality CPD for increased skills, knowledge, understanding and confidence in games, gymnastics, dance and athletics.
  • Investment in providing an engaging and exciting curriculum.
  • An extended curriculum of extra-curricular activities to develop pupil engagement, knowledge and understanding of sport whilst increasing competitive sport within the school
  • Providing all children with access to fresh fruit in KS2.

Monitoring the impact of the Sports Premium

Little Harrowden Community Primary School uses a range of methods to monitor the impact of the sports premium on PE, physical activity and school sport.

  • Staff reviews
  • Pupil surveys
  • Observations
  • Learning walks
  • Case studies

Governor Monitoring

Governors monitor the impact of the Pupil Premium Grant expenditure through the following ways:

  • Working alongside the senior leadership of the school during some of the monitoring processes.
  • All Governors through committee work and visits to school contribute to the evaluation of specific initiatives, projects and strategies.
  • Healthy schools and Sport governor feed back to the rest of the governing body through the pupil support sub-committee.

As a result of the initiatives that we have developed as a school, we were awarded the Gold Sports Mark this year. For more information about how we spend the Sports Premium, please see the Sports Premium Review below.

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