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The alphabetical school

By Lottie

Amazing children

Beautiful view

Community school

Decorative with our work

Every day is a learning day

Fun and games

Great teachers

Healthy food

Irregular learning techniques (but fun)

Just awesome

Kids with a bundle of love

Like the school playground

Much to explore

Not much to not to love

Obvious talent

Passionate about learning

Questions flow from children’s mouths

Rest and relaxation

Singing in assemblies

Time table masters


Very Awesome

Well done work

X marks the spot for Little Harrowden

Yet the best

Zooming learners

The curriculum for computing focuses on children becoming digitally literate. Starting in the Early Years, children are taught how to devise programmes and develop code. This can be done through providing simple instructions and seeing the results. If you want to have a go at programming code at home, there are some fun and free apps which can be downloaded to a tablet that will build up your coding skills. At school we use Daisy the Dinosaur, Bee-bot and Blue-bot for KS1 and Scratch Junior and  Cargobot for KS2.  Whilst game-like, they also help children to understand the instructional nature of algorithms and will help them to de-bug programmes, solve problems and find solutions.


We were delighted to learn that we had won a national award for our support of Jack who has epilepsy. Epilepsy Action came in on Tuesday to deliver the award during assembly and the childen had a chance to ask questions about epilepsy and the effects it can have.

In assembly, I explained to the children that this is really an award for helping others to overcome problems and barriers so that they can have an equal chance. It is the same as a child who helps a friend to understand a maths problem or the kindness of a child who helps someone who has fallen over in the playground to get up so that they can carry on playing. Some barriers might be big and some might be small but our job is to help each other to overcome them.

The award has now taken pride of place in Jack's classroom to remind the children of what fantastic friends they are to Jack.  

 If you are interested in coming to look around our school with a view to your child starting next September, please come along to one of our school tours. You do not need to book but if you require special access arrangements, please call so that we can adequately meet your needs. Tours are around an hour long.  

 Thursday 19th October @ 9.15am and 1.30pm

 Thursday 2nd November @9.15am and 1.30pm

Please contact the school office on 01933 677202  or email our School Business Manager at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any queries.

We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our school.